We are excited to announce that America’s Black Robe Regiment, our national-level parent, has partnered with Patriot Academy!

It is fortunate that Patriot Academy is now officially respected by America’s Black Robe Regiment.  I find this fortunate as I have been a Licensed Constitution Coach through Patriot Academy for several months prior to this news.  As a result of this announcement and my being able to be on the Zoom® call with Rick Green (Founder of Patriot Academy), Rev. William Cook (Director of America’s Black Robe Regiment), and several of my fellow “Patriot Pastors.” We can now offer the Patriot Academy Programs without reservation through the Maryland Black Robe Regiment.

We are only offering the Biblical Citizenship in Modern America Program in several variations through the Maryland Black Robe Regiment. Still, we hope to be able to expand these offerings as we gain willing members to become Constitution Coaches through our Organization.  You can learn more about our education program offerings by visiting https://blackrobemd.org/education.

We, “The Black Robe Regiment,” collectively believe that defending the words and intention of the unadulterated Constitution is crucial to a healthy republic.  Sadly, we live in a time where many in our communities and legal systems do not fully understand the intended meanings, let alone the wording of the founding backbone of our nation.  The core fabric of our nation has become torn by the misinterpretation of these timeless words, and our nation has suffered as a result.  The only way to mend these tears is by educating our communities and leaders on what our forefathers meant in the words of this treasured document and the communications “Federalist Papers” that led to the creation of this document that has guided the longest-existing Constitutional Republic in this earthly world.

If you, your church, or your organization would be interested in hosting the Biblical Citizenship In Modern America Program in your home, church, or organization, please email us at biblicalcitizenship@blackrobemd.org.

Rev. Steve Hofmeister
Rev. Steve HofmeisterMaryland Black Robe Regiment - Chapter Lead
Non-Denominational Christian Minister,
Licensed Constitution Coach – Patriot Academy,
Advocate for Parental Rights

About the “Maryland Black Robe Regiment”

Historically, the Black Robe Regiment was a derisive British reference to the black-robed American clergy, whom the British regarded as “chief agitators of the Rebellion” (i.e., “War for Independence”) of the colonies against British rule. The label was a fitting appellation, for by the time the war began on April 19, 1775, preaching had made the political worldview embodied in the Declaration of Independence ubiquitous.

The contribution of the American clergy to the monumental act of Independence cannot be overstated, for the patriot pastors had “effected a revolution in the hearts and minds of the people” (John Adams) before the war commenced.

Only those who are “born again” can fully understand and secure “the Blessings of Liberty.” Because most evangelical leaders today insist on obeying the unconstitutional Johnson Amendment rather than preaching the whole counsel of God, political sermons, commonplace in America for over 300 years, are rare, and true Liberty has languished as a result.

Today, the “Black Robe Regiment is an army of American clergy who resist tyranny and lead a movement to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” (Preamble of The Constitution)

Though the name “Black Robe Regiment” has a militant ring, we do not condone violent action or the taking up arms in rebellion as an organization.  We act to preach, teach, and stand firm to protect our God-given “Inalienable Rights” as Christian Citizens and Clergy.  We stand to defend the integrity of the Constitution and the Godly founding of our nation.  Learn more about the Maryland Black Robe Regiment at About Us.