The Maryland Black Robe Regiment Needs You!

As we grow this new chapter here in Maryland, we have made contact with many like-minded individuals and have received a warm welcome from several Maryland-based groups that share our like values. However, our main focus is recruiting like-minded Pastors and Ministry Leaders to help us renew the Christian origins of our nation. Our Forefathers (Authors of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution) were driven by their faith when constructing our nation’s foundation; though this has been a matter of debate, the facts outweigh the criticisms.

The contortion of history has all but erased the fact that the values and constructs of these timeless documents were concepts that were preached fervently from the pulpits of these eras. We know that many ministry leaders and Clergy are reluctant to speak on matters of community and government. This sad state of affairs has been bred into the clergy mindset as far back as the misinterpretation of “Separation of Church and State.” In our modern times, many clergy are reluctant to speak on such matters because of the restrictions imposed in the “Non-Profit” Section 501(c)(3) provisions “Johnson Amendment” of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code (IRSC), which was never written with the intent of affecting churches. Many ministry leaders misunderstand how, regardless of these provisions, ministry leaders and Pastors are not restricted from speaking openly on matters of community and government and instead have taken a “head in the sand” position of secular versus spiritual. We provide a great resource by Liberty Counsel outlining what can and can not be done.

We need you to join us to stand firm on our Christian values. and Constitutional foundation to protect and secure the well-being of our nation “For ourselves and Posterity.”

If you are not a ministry leader or Clergy, we encourage you to speak with your leaders and share our information with them. Please contact us at with your questions, and we especially ask you to please sign up so we can keep you in the loop of our growth and development for Christ’s glory and Nation.

Rev. Steve Hofmeister
Rev. Steve HofmeisterMaryland Chapter Lead
Steve is an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister, Licensed Patriot Academy Constitution Coach, and advocate for Parental and Christian Rights.

The Maryland Black Robe Regiment is a Chapter of America’s Black Robe Regiment.